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Terms & Conditions

By signing the BOOKING FORM (in whatever capacity) you agree with & are to comply to the underwritten statement which has been compiled by "BLACK LION CATERING" ( B-L-C ).

In effect the booking form / Terms & conditions are a two part document, forming into one when signed.

1: A NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT PAYMENT of not less than 25 % of the overall agreed cost, of the function is payable to "BLACK LION CATERING" on booking the function/event & return of the booking form, for which a written receipt will be issued, plus a balance payment, date & confirmation letter. The customer/client will be given a verbal price quotation, which will be verified in writing either by post or e mail, within a reasonable time structure (approx/one week).

2: We recommend that you seek advice on payment protection insurance for any form of catered function and or event.

3: Black lion catering will endeavour to provide the most professional service & courteous conduct to you the client/customer, whilst acting for you or on your behalf or while in your paid service, to the best of our ability at any given time.

4: We (B-L-C) cannot be held responsible for any of the following:

5: We ( B-L-C ) may require or insist on a pre ~ function or event - venue / site inspection, this is to assist in compliance with the food safety regulations act of January 2006 ,to aid in risk assessment and to protect "you the customer / client" us the "contractor" and any other relevant party. If we have to implement any changes to the agreed service structure we will always endeavour to consult you the customer / client in the first instance to affect an agreeable, workable & seamless change to the function / event status. But if we feel that the circumstances are of (in our professional opinion) going to compromise the welfare and safety of any person or persons, we withhold the right to do so without further consultation, with any other party.

6: We (B-L-C) will with all dudiligance comply with any and all environmental health ~ health and safety & the Food Standards Agency requirements. Any food production / service will be governed by Food Standard Agency rules.

7: As a general guide if you have any doubts, concerns or apprehensions in conjunction with your function / event, please contact us at your earliest convenience, which will enable us to consult on your behalf over any issues, which may arise.

8: We (B-L-C) state that full payment for any function/event is required not later than (7) working days prior to the agreed date of said function/event. (Unless by prior agreement).

To this effect we B-L-C, having not received any correspondence & or communication in relation to this will assume the function/event has been cancelled and act accordingly, in regards to any food orders & deposits paid.

We also have financial commitments to meet. Your cooperation in this matter is very much appreciated.

Please pay us-so we can pay her-so she can pay him-so he can pay them -so they can pay YOU!

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