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Desert Selection

  • Pork & Leek sausage with horseradish mash (hot)
  • Smoked haddock &caramelised red onion fishcake with crème fraiche Tartare
  • Chicken, Apricot & filo parcels with whole grain mustard dip.
  • Mini Croque monsuir - (hot)
  • Tiger prawn with garlic & basil sun dried tomato
  • Curried meat balls with tomato & mango concasse' ( hot)
  • Corn & potato fritters- (V) (Hot)
  • Tandoori Prawns (hot)
  • Spicy lamb Koftas
  • Crostini with roasted peppers, spinach & parmesan
  • Mussel tartlets brushed with garlic butter and fresh herbs (hot)
  • Tartlets with olive tapenade, quails egg and parsley. - (V)
  • Crab cakes with chilli salsa
  • Roasted mushroom filled with cream cheese and bacon
  • Tomato, mozzarella and basil crostini
  • Parma ham with cream cheese and pepper pin wheels
  • Goats cheese roasted peppers and marjoram crouts - (V)
  • Meat balls with black olive and oregano
  • Cherry tomato stuffed with ricotta and goats cheese - (V)
  • Prawn & corn cakes with lime mayo
  • Salt cured fresh tuna tartlets, topped with apple and cream mousse
  • Mini scones with ham leek and fig
  • Smoked trout cucumber and tomato salsa tartlets
  • Chicken tikka skewers- (hot)
  • Butterfly tiger Prawns breaded with sesame seed
  • Tartlets of curried apple and red onion - (V)
  • Thai fish cakes
  • Mini barbecue marinated ribs
  • Texas chicken with ranch dressing
  • Smoked fish pate on crostini with soured cream and dill
  • Corn beef, parsnip and mint patties
  • Ham and mushroom croquettes
  • Tomato and anchovy toasts
  • Tartlets of sundried tomato, pesto and olive - (V)
  • Tandoori chicken on skewers-(hot)
  • Prawn satay with lemon grass
  • Lamb garlic and chilli kebabs
  • Thai chicken cakes with toasted pine nuts
  • Roasted mushrooms and black forest ham on skewers
  • Mini pork ribs with honey, Tabasco and chilli
  • Grilled sardine with oregano and cucumber
  • Coronation chicken tartlets
  • Pork and lemon grass parcels
  • Salmon and tuna skewers marinated in lemon and lime.
  • Rump of beef steak skewers with black bean sauce-(hot)
  • Prawn and chilli fritters
  • Bacon, onion and grain mustard tartlets
  • Mini crab and lime quiche
  • Goats cheese with sundried tomato and oregano tartlets - (V)
  • Crostini with smoked salmon cream cheese and fresh milled pepper.
  • Baby potato filled with soured cream cheese and chives
  • Sundried tomato with pesto shaved parmesan on crostini - (V)
  • Cherry Tomato, feta and green olive, brushed with olive oil - (V)
  • Mexican meat balls with tomato and chilli sauce
  • Thai beef salad on cucumber
  • Mushrooms stuffed with pork, spiced sausage and tomato
  • Prawn and coriander toasts
  • Tartlets of stilton mousse topped with black grape-(V)
  • Mini spicy pork burger in naan breads with yoghurt and mango chutney-(hot)
  • Char grilled chicken, marinated in lemon grass paste and sweet soya sauce
  • Pork and prawn money bags-(hot)
  • Lamb fritters with sunflower seeds and mint-(hot)
  • Mini Yorkshire puddings with roast beef and horseradish.-(hot)
  • Smoked salmon and cream cheese pin wheels with ground black pepper
  • Crostini with brie pear and cranberry-(V)
  • Smoked trout tartlets with mild horseradish sauce
  • Cucumber Roundel's with creamed brie smoked salmon and dill.
  • Melon wrapped in Parma ham brushed with olive oil and ground pepper
  • Roasted vegetable crostini topped with freshly grated parmesan-(V)
  • Cajun dusted salmon goujons.

You should be aware that some of the above food Items may contain products that could cause an ALLERGENIC HAZARD.
If you feel that this issue Needs further consultation PLEASE ASK

(V) : These dishes Do Not contain meat or fish

Black Lion Catering: Do not knowingly: Buy Produce or Sell G ~ M food Product's.

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