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Cold Starters

  • Seasonal melon with citrus fruit medley (V)
  • Smoked fish delice on crisp leaf salad with horseradish
  • Potted prawns with dill and lemon mayonnaise
  • Game terrine served with red currant jelly and crusty bread
  • Pork & sage pate with caramelized onion and bacon
  • Mexican bean terrine napped with mild salsa (V)
  • Oak smoked mackerel fillet with freshly ground peppercorns
  • Thinly sliced port marinated melon with a nest of dry cured ham
  • Smoked salmon timbales with crushed sunflower seeds and chervil
  • Teriyaki marinated fish brochettes
  • Rare roasted and thinly sliced loin beef with mustard dressing
  • Smoked chicken, apricot & bacon mousse
  • Smoked salmon, milled pepper, lemon-"Plain and simple"
  • Stilton & chestnut pate (V)
  • Duck, orange and walnut salad
  • Fresh pineapple filled soft summer fruits and laced with rum (V)
  • Seafood salad, dressed with lemon thyme olive oil
  • Mediterranean roasted vegetable tartlet (V)
  • Salmon and asparagus terrine
  • Prawn and melon & black grape salad
  • Seasoned & flavoured breads with pickles, olives and dips (V)
  • Cajun roasted salmon fillet
  • Smoked chicken on a bed of egg noodles and shredded vegetable
  • Classic and timeless "Salad Nicoise"with a tuna twist"!
  • Chicken, bacon and grape salad
  • Tomato and goats cheese sable (V)
  • Duck parfait with orange
  • Stilton and stout pate on a bed of green leaves (V)
  • Gravadlax cured in sea salt with dill mustard dressing & black bread
  • Tuna fish mousse with roasted cherry tomato & olive bread.

Standard finger buffet selection

  • Assorted fresh cut sandwiches ( half a round per person).
  • Chinese style spring rolls ~Vegetable or Chicken.
  • Fingers of quiche ~ Meat or Vegetarian.
  • Satay Skewers ~ Meat or Vegetarian.
  • Buffet Sausage Roll's or Veggie Puff's.
  • Cocktail Pasty's ~ Traditional Steak or Vegetarian.
  • Cocktail Scotch egg's or Cheddar Puff's.
  • Tortilla Chip's ~ various flavours with salsa dip.
  • Cajun Chicken or Carrot & Coriander goujon's.

The standard finger buffet 

Minimum of 20 covers- no maximum covers

Prices start from £6.75pp for 20 covers minimum

Prices from £4.45pp based on 200 + covers

Please Note: All the above prices are for delivery service only, with the inclusion of disposable plates & serviettes.
We also hold the right to substitute any food item listed above, for a similar product at short notice.

Cold fork buffet selection

  • Rare roasted beef with horseradish
  • Baked gammon with peaches
  • Dry cured ham with melon
  • Lemon poached salmon with mayonnaise
  • Scotch eggs with pickle
  • Smoked chicken & ham flan
  • Braised silverside of beef
  • Balantine of chicken stuffed with mushroom
  • Norfolk turkey with chestnut stuffing
  • Salmon en croute with dill sauce
  • Chicken coronation-mild curry
  • Roasted chicken with paprika & garlic
  • Traditional cheese plate (V)
  • Chicken poached in wine with tarragon
  • Veal and ham pie
  • Beef & leek roulades
  • Red onion and soft cheese tart (V)
  • Chunky chicken with soured yoghurt orange
  • Potted prawns served with lemon & fresh herbs
  • Salmon & fish mousse roulades
  • Tomato & basil flan (V)
  • Tiger prawns & cherry tomato with chilli
  • Chicken kebabs-Thai spice
  • Fresh cut fruit platters (V)
  • Roasted Vegetable & parmesan flan (V)
  • Smoked Shell on prawns
  • Baked chicken terrine with peaches
  • Loin of tuna in tomato chutney
  • Roasted leg of pork with sage stuffing
  • Game pie in aspic glaze
  • Seafood medley with mild salsa concasse
  • Mushroom & tarragon strudel (V)
  • Clove studded sugar glazed gammon.
  • Soft cheese terrine in cider jelly (V)
  • Chicken stuffed with Armagnac &stilton
  • Moroccan style lamb & vegetables
  • Baked fish in puff pastry
  • Roasted soft vegetables and pasta (V)
  • Chicken Roulade with cheese, bacon & herbs
  • Asparagus, salmon & prawn Quiche
  • Vegetable terrine with spiced tomato puree
  • Breaded cheese with red currant jelly (V)
  • Chicken with mushroom and egg noodles
  • Pork belly braised with calvados
  • Breast of lamb stuffed with bacon & apricot

Hot fork buffet selection

  • Salmon in seafood sauce.
  • Braised lamb with garlic & rosemary
  • Roasted stuffed peppers (V)
  • Pasta & seafood in light wine sauce
  • Pork with red Thai curry sauce
  • Mussels in wine & garlic
  • Lemon baked salmon
  • Calamari in rich tomato sauce
  • Mushroom stroganoff (V)
  • Chicken & tarragon fricassee
  • Turkey & ham king royal
  • Salmon fish cakes with baby leaf spinach
  • Cumberland pork sausages in rich onion gravy
  • Vegetarian sausages in rich onion gravy
  • Pork ribs in sticky barbecue glaze
  • Beef & ale stew with suet dumplings
  • Pasta with roasted vegetables & garlic cream sauce (V)
  • Chicken & Thai green curry
  • Prawns dipped in coconut with rich masala sauce
  • Roasted vegetable lasagne (V)
  • Sweet & Sour pork
  • Pot roast rabbit & braised vegetables.
  • Tortellini- filled with ricotta & Spinach (V)
  • Steak & kidney with flaky pastry
  • traditional lamb lasagne
  • Seafood with egg noodles
  • Spiced lamb with chilli & tomato
  • Chicken stuffed with apricot s & savoury rice
  • Cod fillet braised with bell peppers, tomato & Garlic
  • Beef with roasted vegetables korma style
  • Pork strips with cider, coriander & toasted almonds
  • Chicken with mushrooms & walnuts on a bed of egg noodles
  • Maryland style chicken with sweet corn & pineapple
  • Fishermens pie with toasted cheese glaze
  • Lamb meat balls in korma sauce
  • Salmon in teriyaki marinade
  • Cannalloni stufued with cottage cheese roasted vegetable (V)
  • Peppers stuffed with minced pork & savoury rice
  • Creole jambalaya
  • Hot & spicy Chilli con-carne
  • Coq au vin
  • Penne pasta carbonara style
  • Spiced North African seven vegetable casserole (V)
  • Braised beef in red wine with field mushrooms

You should be aware that some of the above food Items may contain products that could cause an ALLERGENIC HAZARD.
If you feel that this issue Needs further consultation PLEASE ASK

(V) : These dishes Do Not contain meat or fish

Black Lion Catering: Do not knowingly: Buy Produce or Sell G ~ M food Product's.

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